Shalegas : What can we do ?

We can start by asking a few questions to DCENR, Clare Co.Co and Enegi Oil:

  1. Will sampling of ground water be independently carried out, and made publicly available, prior to exploration ?
    • REASON : In the event of exploration going ahead it will be necessary to monitor any changes to ground water quality. In order to prove whether contamination is related to exploration a baseline is required.
  2. What types and quantities of chemicals are to be used in the prospecting/extraction phases ?
    • REASON : When people start hearing that benzene is being pumped  into the ground , its understandable they get a little tetchy.
  3. How much water is used in the fracking process (over the lifetime of the well ) ?
    • REASON : This also tells us the quantity of chemicals that gets pumped into the ground.
  4. How will the contaminated water used in the prospecting/exploration process be stored/treated ?
    • REASON : Does this present a risk locally, or is the liquid shipped for storage/treatment elsewhere ? How much of the non-water components can be recovered ?
  5. What is the department’s/company’s reaction to the Cornell U research paper showing that greenhouse gas emissions from shalegas are equivalent to coal ?
    • REASON : If the public is being sold this as a planet-saving action then what does the dept./company make of the paper ?
  6. What is the department’s/company’s reaction to the Duke U research paper showing that fugitive emissions of methane contaminate groundwater ?
    • REASON : Does the dept./company accept the paper and what actions would they propose to mitigate this ?
  7. If the French government sees fit to ban shalegas exploration then what case can the Irish government make for allowing it to happen in Ireland ?

That’s 7 pretty simple questions.

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4 Responses to Shalegas : What can we do ?

  1. Scribhneoir says:

    Question no 8 – why were the licences granted by a govt which included The Greens? The date of the licence is pre-election – FF/Greens are responsilbe.

    It’s a little late to be closing the stable door or asking questions about closing the door…

    • claregreens says:

      Well, scribhneoir, you seem to be suggesting that as members of the green party we now have no right to express any opinions on any current or future event that may somehow be linked to our time in government. It must be nice to be able to make such simple judgements, to be able to insult others who care deeply about the environment.
      You’re recommendation seems to be that we stop asking questions, that we can do absolutely nothing, nay, that we have no right to think of doing anything. Some recipe for the future there. It smells like some form of eco-snobbery.

      • Scribhneoir says:

        Fair enough, of course you should be asking questions. I think it’s also sensible to assume that the Green Party’s image has been seriously tarnished by allowing the licences in the first place.
        I realise that the GP is a large democratic group and you are not personally responsible for the decision.
        No, my recommendation is not as you say and I suspect you know that however it is going to take awhile for the Greens to regain the trust of the many people who are feeling very let down by the very serious decisions made by Greens in govt.
        Fracking was allowed in here on the Green watch and that really is shameful.
        I would be delighted if you are able in some way to limit the damage at this stage, here’s a good place to start – an online petition to stop fracking in Ireland –

  2. Colm says:

    For info :

    The license to explore was granted by the then Minister Conor Lenihan on Feb 13th. The Green Party had left government on Jan 23rd. What was the rush to get this signed before Fianna Fail got turfed out a couple of weeks later ? (Don’t you just love conspiracy theories ???)

    Online petitions, I’m afraid I see no particulr use for them. In the link mentioned above 2450 facebook people had “recommended” the petition but only 1361 had actually signed the petition (I’m one of them). How can that be explained ?

    Briefing paper for the Oireachtas on shalegas :

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